A similar experience awaits you at every goClinix interaction, from the way you are greeted and registered to the examination and diagnostic methods using ICD 10 protocols. A conscious effort goes into ongoing trainings and peer learning for our doctors and nursing staff in all our locations.
Get cared for as a valued friend and neighbor from a trusted team of care givers in goClinix. A soothing ambience in a hygienic setting, walk-in appointments with Doctors, access to nursing care, pharmacy and diagnostic services delivered by an empathizing staff.
Every goClinix is located in close proximity to residential communities. Equally important for accessible care is affordability. You will find goClinix services pricing to be standardized across all our locations. And yes, it is our conviction that healthcare, especially primary healthcare can and should be affordable!
From the first interaction where you get through our simple registration formality at our Kiosk, to your vitals data captured by our devices; an electronic medical record with online archiving of your past medical data and a personalized app for you to access your data, technology is integral to care delivery.
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